Centre for

Grief &


Counselling & Training Services

19 Carlton Mews, The Carlton Centre,

Lincoln, LN2 4FJ

Tel: 01522 546168

Fax: 01522 546172


Charity Reg. No. 1100421

Counselling for Children

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"Never be scared to talk to a counsellor"

"If you have bad days don't be afraid to talk to a counsellor about your problems"

"Counsellors are:

  • friendly
  • kind
  • you can trust them
  • they listen to what you have to say"

A counsellor won't judge you


What happens?

  • Your counsellor will visit you at school, somewhere safe, or you can come to the centre.

  • You will know what day and what time your counsellor is coming to see you.

  • You will have time on your own with your counsellor, and no-one will come in and disturb you.

  • For your first visit if you want another adult to stay for a few minutes that is OK.

"Counselling is a chance to:


talk about your feelings


have someone to listen to you


let your tears out if you need to


help you with your problems when you need help


face your fears


be yourself


say things you can't say to your mum and dad"

You will not be taken away

You will not be harmed or shouted at

"They will let you talk about what is important to you"

"They don't tell other people what you talk about unless you are at risk of harm or are harming someone else"

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